You are surrounded by agriculture. From the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the houses we live in, agriculture is all around us. Agriculture has a significant impact on Alabama’s economy, the health of its citizens, and the beauty of its landscape.


If you are interested in a career that will take you outdoors, consider a career in agriculture.

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"I love agriculture and always have. I was raised on a family farm, but we had to sell our farm when I was 13 years old due to my father passing away. Working with farmers allows me to be a part of an industry that is deeply rooted inside me."


- Boyd | Alfa Farmers Federation

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Career Spotlight

Drive and control farm equipment to till soil and plant, cultivate, and harvest crops. May perform tasks such as crop baling or hay bucking. May operate stationary equipment to perform post-harvest tasks such as husking, shelling,

threshing, and ginning.

Agricultural Equipment Operator




Salary Range

Agricultural Engineer

Bachelor Degree


Agricultural Inspector

Bachelor Degree


Agricultural Lendor

Bachelor Degree


Landscape Contractor

Bachelor Degree


Extension Agent

Bachelor Degree


Farm Manager

Bachelor Degree


Fisheries Technician

On-Job Training



Bachelor Degree


Hunting Guide

Technical Training


Logging Equipment Manger

Technical Training


Wages vary depending on your education, skills, work experience, attitude, and work ethic.


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