The automotive Technology is a large and growing part of Alabama’s industry and economy.


This industry employs highly-skilled workers in manufacturing and servicing environments that build and repair cars, trucks, and SUVs. After successfully completing high school, some students begin earning money right away through on-the-job training in entry-level positions.

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Career Spotlight

Automotive Mechanic

An automotive mechanic performs diagnosis and repair faults that relate to the engine, powertrain, suspension, and electronics systems of cars, trucks, and vans. They also carry out service and maintenance requirements for consumer and fleet vehicles. An extensive knowledge of vehicle and electrical systems is required. The Automotive Service Excellence certification is a standard requirement for automotive mechanics in higher pay brackets.

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“My family was in the car business as I was growing up. I always hung out at the dealership and did odd jobs as a kid. Then, as I was in college, I worked there during the summer months and started really liking the business. After college, I decided to get into the businesses and I have never looked back, working

in this business ever since.”


- John, Owner | Mitchell Automotive

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Salary Range

Automotive Mechanic

HS Diploma/On-Job Training


Team Manager

Techncal Training



Techncal Training/Certificate


Machine Operator

Techncal Training/Certificate


Materials Handler/Forklift

Techncal Training/Certificate


Diesel Mechanic

Techncal Training/Certificate


CNC Operator/Programmer

Associate Degree/Certificate


Mechanic Supervisor

Associate Degree/On-Job Training


Tool and Die Maker

Associate Degree/Certificate


Robotics Engineer

Bachelor Degree


Wages vary depending on your education, skills, work experience, attitude, and work ethic.


Extension Agent

Bachelor Degree


Farm Manager

Bachelor Degree


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