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“I chose to be a nurse because I thoroughly enjoy helping people and want to see people live a healthier life. Nursing and Flowers Hospital doesn’t really feel like a business; it feels more like a family. If feels as if we are just taking care of an extension of our family every day.”


- Cendi, RN | Flowers Hospital

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Healthcare careers are not limited to doctors and nurses.


Using science and problem-solving skills, people in healthcare create new medications, discover cures for diseases, comfort the sick, and operate high-tech tools for diagnosing and treating illness and injury. Whether taking care of patience’s or working behind the scenes, healthcare in Alabama has an opportunity for everyone.


Career Spotlight

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistants’ duties include observing and recording notes about patient progress, working with the physical therapists to determine next steps in recovery, helping ensure the patience and his/her family understand how to continue exercising and stretching at home. Decision-making is another vital skill for PTA — a patience could be injured further if they’re pushed beyond his limits during exercise. At the same time, a patient might not recover as quickly if not given thorough stretches or therapy.




Salary Range

Pharmacy Tech

Certificate/On-Job Training


Medical Assistant

Certificate/On-Job Training


Licensed Practical Nurse

Certificate/Associate Degree


Medical Coder

Certificate/Associate Degree


Medical Lab Tech

Certificate/Associate Degree


Certified Nursing Assistant

Technical Training/On-Job Training


Dental Hygienist

Associate Degree


Biomed Electronics Tech

Associate Degree


Medical Laboratory Tech

Associate Degree


Radiology Tech

Associate Degree


Respiratory Tech

Associate Degree


Certified Surgical Tech

Associate Degree


Registered Nurse

Associate Degree/Bachelor Degree








Wages vary depending on your education, skills, work experience, attitude, and work ethic.


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