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“I chose this profession because I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference in our community through helping others. I like it because you don’t know what the next call is going to be. One minute we may be installing a smoke alarm and ten minutes later we could be fighting a fire or checking someone’s vitals for transport to the hospital.”


- David, Fire Prevention Chief | Dothan Fire Department

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A career in public service ensures our society will continue to function in a just and orderly manner.


Police officers, firefighters, and corrections are career options available in our community through local branches of service. Military careers require some of the same personal and professional characteristics, but they have a wider global impact. 


Safety professionals work with companies and industries to find ways to help them be safe. A position in safety provides a high degree of job satisfaction and a variety of limitless job opportunities depending on education, skill and experience.

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Career Spotlight

Police, Fire, & Ambulance Dispatcher

Dispatchers operate the radio, telephone, or computer equipment at emergency response centers. They receive reports from the public of crimes, disturbances, fires, and medical or police emergencies

They also relay information to law enforcement and emergency response personnel. Dispatchers may contain contact with the caller until responders arrive.




Salary Range

Corrections Officer

HS Diploma


Emergency Dispatch

HS Diploma



HS Diploma or beyond


Military Enlisted

HS Diploma or beyond


Police Officer

HS Diploma or beyond



HS Diploma or beyond


Emergency Medical Tech

Technical Training/Certificate


FBI Agent

Bachelor Degree


Military Officer

Bachelor Degree


Wages vary depending on your education, skills, work experience, attitude, and work ethic.


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