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“I chose transportation because I wanted to see the country. I like working in this industry because it provides freedom. I can take my dog in my truck and there is not a time-clock to punch or an office I have to be in every day.”

- Star, Truck Drive | AMX Trucking

Transport_Logistics  Design Element

Everything we use, at some point, has to be transported by roadway, railway, airway, or waterway.


Transportation and logistics covers a lot of ground — literally. This world covers all of these methods and the men and women who support these systems. Carers in transportation and logistics also includes branches of the military.

Transport_Logistics  Design Element

Career Spotlight

Truck Driver

Drivers transport goods across town or across the country using a tractor-trailer or a large box truck and ay be required to unload the truck. They can drive for a company and have a regular work schedule or own their own truck and drive when they want This career requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL), drug screen, background, and driving record check.




Salary Range

Truck Driver

CDL (License)


Highway Construction Worker

HS Diploma


Shipping & Receiving Clerk

HS Diploma



HS Diploma or beyond


Load Planner

HS Diploma or beyond


Warehouse Supervisor

HS Diploma or beyond


Maintenance Equipment 

Certificate/Associate Degree


Diesel Mechanic

Certificate/Associate Degree


Maintenance Director

Associate Degree



Associate Degree


Safety Manager

Associate Degree


Sales Representative

Associate/Bachelor Degree


Logistics Coordinator

Associate/Bachelor Degree


Safety Specialist

Bachelor Degree


Wages vary depending on your education, skills, work experience, attitude, and work ethic.


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